Workshops and seminars are presented on general and specific topics in Florida or at your offices or site.

Topics include:

  • Geomembrane materials selection, specification, and performance
  • Integrated Quality Programs and Construction Quality Assurance Plans
  • Problems with lining systems
  • On-site CQA
  • Testing - in the laboratory and in the field
  • Leak location survey and monitoring technologies
  • Geomembrane material and seam durabilities

Typical Workshop Contents:

  • Typical Lining Systems - Single, double composite lining systems on landfill floors, slopes, steep walls in North America, Europe, S.E. Asia
  • International Standards - US Subtitle C, Subtitle D, German, and English lining system standards, single and double liners
  • Fundamentals of Design - Single/double liners. Smooth/textured geomembranes, interface shear on upper and lower surfaces. Geomembrane protection - protection layers - long term and short-term protection, allowable strain in geomembrane, geotextile mass and structure considerations
  • Liner Problems- Material, design, installation, CQA, and operational causes of liner failures in PVC, HDPE, VLDPE, PP, XR-5 liners
  • Microstructures - Molecular structures, amorphous and crystalline regions, welding, residual stress, stress cracking model, anisotropy
  • Manufacturing - Round die extrusion (blown film), flat die extrusion, co-extrusion, calendering, textures/structures, QC testing
  • Material Properties - Mechanical, physical, and chemical index and performance properties of HDPE, LLDPE, PP, and PVC geomembranes. Stress cracking resistance explained
  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) - Manufacturers, structures, field tests/performance, failure case history
  • Specifications - Parameters, test methods, values, PE/PP
  • Chemical Resistance Testing - EPA Method 9090, ASTM, German BAM, typical results, data analysis
  • Liner Installation - Deployment, subgrade quality, weather, wrinkles, compensation, US-German procedures, repairs
  • Seaming and Destructive Testing - Welding technologies, peel/shear testing, seam specifications, PE/PP/PVC differences, thermal seaming of PVC, seam microstructures and residual stress
  • Nondestructive Testing - air channel pressure, vacuum box, air lance, spark, ultrasonic, electrical (complete liner), infrared seam strength (nondestructive)

TRI-CORP Liner Integrity Course (T-CLIC )

With TRI, I-CORP has formed the TRI-CORP Liner integrity Center (T-CLIC) to certify liner integrity survey operators. In a class room session learn history, theory, limitations, field practices, case histories, and developing technologies illustrated with a double liner model.

Leak Integrity Survey (LIS) double liner model
Leak Integrity Survey (LIS) double liner model

Follow the class room session with real surveys in a test pond, a soil-covered cell, and an exposed liner cell with conductive geotextile, GCL, conductive geomembrane, and geonet under the liner.

LIS test pond Soil covered cell (left) and pond (right)
Test pond Soil covered cell (left) and pond (right)
Soil covered cell Exposed liner cell
Soil covered cell Exposed liner cell

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