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ACE manufacturer
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Cooley manufacturer
East Coast Erosion Control manufacturer, installer
Fiberweb manufacturer
GSE manufacturer, installer, fabricator, testing laboratory, field testing
Huesker manufacturer
Maccaferri manufacturer
NAUE manufacturer, installer, fabricator, consultant, engineering services
Propex manufacturer
Solmax manufacturer, installer
Strata manufacturer
Tensar manufacturer, consultant, engineering services
Tensar North American Green manufacturer
TRI testing laboratory
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This site is an interactive geosynthetic specification index freely available to engineers, designers, specifiers, regulators and contractors on-line. The site provides users a swift and efficient means of finding and sorting materials based on material type, material components and specification values. Users can access information using ASTM, ISO, and CEN standards/specifications. Using sorting and highlighting tools, multiple products and parameters can be brought together on one page for direct comparison. From one resource users can search, select, sort, and specify!

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