We'll help you find the initiation site and the cause of materials failures in geomembrane liners (landfills, covers, canals, ponds, dams), other geosynthetics, plastic and composite pipe, plastic and composite tanks and other engineering plastics compounds.


failure photo

Our projects include:

  • Holes and surface damage in hazardous waste cell HDPE geomembrane - Finland
  • Cracking in HDPE and PVC geomembrane/pipes (worldwide)
  • Color loss in awning - USA
  • Geonet damage and holes in HDPE geomembrane of hazardous waste site after collapse of berm - USA
  • Seam peel failures in HDPE cap of municipal landfill - USA
  • Artifacts in HDPE geomembrane - United Kingdom
  • Low seam strengths in high strength PET woven geotextiles - USA
  • Cracking in HDPE, PVC, CPVC, and Kynar pipes (worldwide)
  • Low temperature cracking of geonet in geonet/geotextile composite - USA
  • Extensive leakage through GCL - USA
  • Secondary liner for gasoline storage in proposed gas station - United Kingdom
  • Cracking in pond PP geomembranes and floating covers - USA, Israel, Australia
  • Leaks in concrete stud liners - USA, Puerto Rico, Australia
  • Sewer tunnel liners, Texas, USA
  • Lined slurry pipe, Chile
  • Whales on liners, USA, Canada
  • Low temperature failures in large irrigation ponds, USA
  • Leaks in GCL liners, USA

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