I-CORP INTERNATIONAL (I-CORP) was formed in March 1991 by Dr. Ian D. Peggs when he realized the geosynthetic industry's need for a completely independent organization that could provide world-class geosynthetic materials performance information, specialist construction quality assurance (CQA) services and new technology development services; and, at the same time, not be afraid to instruct those with less experience on how to provide the same services. Prior to forming I-CORP, Dr. Peggs was a Vice President of GeoServices, Inc. and President of the international geosynthetics testing laboratory, GeoSyntec, Inc. (both now GeoSyntec Consultants).

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I-CORP provides geosynthetic materials engineering/science/durability and field construction/performance expertise. I-CORP staff are polymer/materials/engineering experts. I-CORP is not an engineering design company, but having worked alongside designers, I-CORP staff are well aware of the latest design practices and are well-prepared to collaborate with, and complement, designers at all levels of expertise.

I-CORP staff have been, or are, active in North American (NAGS, ASTM, IFAI) and international (IGS, ISO, CEN, IAGI) geosynthetics associations and standards groups in order to stay abreast of the latest developments in geosynthetics technology. They maintain communication with private consultants, manufacturers, and users of geosynthetics around the world. In fact, 40% of I-CORP's business is outside the US. Dr. Peggs' contributions to the geosynthetics industry have been recognized by one of six IGS Awards presented at the 1994 IGS Conference in Singapore for work performed between 1990 and 1994.

Only one other Award was presented to a private consultant, the remainder to university teams. He was also nominated for an IGS Award for the period 1995 - 1998 for his paper "HDPE Geosynthetics - Premature Failures and Their Prediction".

The comprehensive nature and uniqueness of I-CORP's services are shown by a client list that includes resin manufacturers, geosynthetic manufacturers and installers, engineering design companies, operators of government facilities, international corporations, owners of landfills, industry institutes, research institutes, inventors, attorneys and insurance companies in 40 countries around the world

I-CORP worked on two of the three large strategic landfills in Hong Kong, on England's first piggyback landfill, industrial landfill liner problems in Italy and Finland, on a mobile drilling island in the Arctic, on Namibia's first geomembrane-lined hazardous waste cells, and on liner problems at five Navy and Department of Energy sites. We have performed hundreds of failure analyses and liner leak surveys including the largest area (634,000 m²) and deepest waste (8m) leak surveys. With TRI, we have formed the TRI-CORP Liner integrity Center (T-CLIC) to certify liner integrity survey operators

It is I-CORP's intention to remain a small, unique company, providing specialist geosynthetic consulting, leak survey, failure analysis, and state-of-the-art field CQA services on an international level to a small number of clients, and, simultaneously, to teach others how to develop facilities (e.g., laboratories) and how to provide comprehensive state-of-practice field CQA services.

Response Time

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It is I-CORP's intent to respond immediately to your request. And we demand no less from the laboratories (and other organizations) we contract to work on your behalf. We are prepared to mobilize anywhere (nationally or internationally) at anytime. About 40% of I-CORP's work is outside the US. Failures must be analyzed before material evidence is lost or damaged. Leaks must be located and repaired before ground water is contaminated or to prevent a facility being shutdown.

Our objective is simply to get the work done for you, as quickly and as professionally as possible.



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Dr. Peggs, a materials scientist, has been involved with plastic, plastic pipe, composite, and geosynthetic materials performance research, CQA, and problem definition and solution since 1978. He obtained a first class honors B.Sc. in Metallurgy from Imperial College, London University in 1963 and his Ph.D in Physical Metallurgy from Sheffield University in 1966. With Atomic Energy of Canada, he worked on graphite, ceramics, carbon and graphite fibers, and graphite/graphite composites. In 1994 he received the IGS Special Recognition Award for his work on the influence of polymer microstructure on the performance of geomembranes. Dr. Peggs has edited and/or contributed to 5 books and has written over 200 publications. His special interests include failure analysis and nondestructive testing.

In 1986 he was responsible for the formation and development of the GeoSyntec Inc. geosynthetic materials testing laboratory. In 1991 he formed his own geosynthetic materials performance consulting company, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc. which now has clients in over 40 countries.

Principal: Ian D. Peggs, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng., DABFET


Founder and President of I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc. for 22 years
Over thirty years experience in polymer, geosynthetics, and composite research
Geosynthetics Consultant and Instructor
Previously President and co-founder of GeoSyntec, Inc., USA (now Geosyntec Consultants)
Former Vice-President and Principal of GeoServices, Inc. (now Geosyntec Consultants)
Former Manager of Polymer Engineering, Hanson Materials Engineering (now Acuren), Canada
Active in international standards development and geosynthetics education
Performed more than 200 liner integrity surveys and failure analyses on lining systems
Author of more than 250 papers and presentations on geosynthetics
Registered Professional Engineer, Alberta, Canada
Registered Professional Engineer, Maine, USA
Special Recognition IGS Award 1994
Nominated for IGS Award 1998
Awarded composite liner patent 1998
Clients in more than 40 countries


Sheffield University, UK: Ph.D., Physical Metallurgy 1967
Imperial College of Science & Technology, London University: B.Sc. (Eng.), First Class, Honors Fabrication Metallurgy, 1963

Professional History

March 1991 - present
I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc., President, Principal, Ocean Ridge, Florida, USA

1986 - 1991
GeoSyntec, Inc., (President) and GeoServices Inc./Geosyntec Consultants (Principal, Vice-President, and Manager, Materials Testing Laboratory), Florida, USA

1985 - 1986
Geosyntech Ltd., Director, Joint Venture between Hanson Materials Engineering and EBA Engineering, Alberta, Canada

1981 - 1986
Hanson Materials Engineering, Manager, Polymer Engineering Division, Alberta, Canada

1967 - 1979
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment, Head, Thermophysical Properties Laboratory, Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada


  • Introduced geomembrane CQA to Canada in 1983.
  • Introduced transmission microscopy microstructural analysis to geosynthetics.
  • Identified stress cracking phenomenon in HDPE geomembranes.
  • Developed advanced geomembrane seam specifications, published in 1987.
  • Introduced infrared thermography for the nondestructive measurement of geomembrane seam strength, 1994.
  • Awarded IGS Award (1994) for contributions to the Influence of Polymer Microstructure on the Performance of Geomembranes. Nominated for IGS Award of Excellence (1998) for paper “HDPE Geosynthetics – Premature Failures and Their Prediction”.
  • Awarded United States Patent 5,788,413 for Geocomposite Membrane (1998).
  • Initiated Industry Insight newsletter which became www.geosynthetica.net industry web site (1999).
  • Proposed protocol to assess remaining lifetime in exposed HDPE liners (2005).
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology (2000).
  • Fellow of American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (2000).


Dr. Peggs has been involved with the failure analysis, research and development, and testing of polymeric materials in bulk, composite, and coating form since 1977. He has had extensive experience with all geosynthetics since 1981 and has specific interest in the nondestructive examination, microstructure, and performance of geomembrane seams. He initiated the use of the multifrequency ultrasonic shadow technique for 100% nondestructive seam inspection and developed microtome techniques for the microstructural examination of seams. He has been involved with the preparation and management of construction quality assurance programs for geomembrane-lined impoundments and landfills in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and SE Asia. Dr. Peggs has also been involved in failure analyses for many clients throughout North America, Europe and Australia on high-strength geotextile seams, geotextiles, geomembranes, geomembrane seams, plastic pipe, fiberglass components, and GCLs. He is presently developing infrared thermography technology as the first technique for the 100% nondestructive measurement of geomembrane seam bond strength.
He has performed survivability and durability studies on geomembranes and geotextiles and is Past-Convener of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC38/SC 21 Working Group on the Durability of Geotextiles. He is also past-chairman of the RILEM (TC-144-GMP) Technical Committee on Geomembranes.

He has presented more than 250 papers, seminars, and workshops on geosynthetics for manufacturers, installers, regulators, and users of geosynthetics worldwide.

Dr. Peggs became involved with the investigation, development, and testing of non-metallic materials, including polymers, during the time that he headed Atomic Energy of Canada's Thermophysical Properties Lab in its Materials Development Branch at Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment, beginning in 1967.

In 1981, Dr. Peggs became involved with geosynthetics when he initiated and managed the Polymer Engineering Division of Hanson Materials Engineering (now Acuren), a large materials consulting company in Alberta, Canada. His work there in failure analysis, consulting, specifications development, research and development, and quality assurance for geosynthetic lining systems, plastic pipe, and other polymeric materials led to a joint venture between Hanson Materials Engineering and EBA Engineering. Dr. Peggs then became director of the joint venture, Geosyntech Ltd., which provided specialized geosynthetics consulting and testing services to clients throughout Canada and the United States.

In 1986, Dr. Peggs joined with Joseph E. Fluet, Jr. and J.P. Giroud of GeoServices, Inc. Consulting Engineers (now Geosyntec Consultants) to establish GeoSyntec, Inc., an independent geosynthetics testing laboratory in Boynton Beach, Florida. This laboratory became one of the foremost, and most comprehensive, geosynthetics testing laboratories in the world, with clients throughout North America and in 13 countries around the world.

In 1991, Dr. Peggs formed his own geosynthetic materials performance consulting company, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc. which performs state-of-the-art international geosynthetics technology development, and teaches others how to perform state-of-practice projects in over 40 countries. The Industry Insight newsletter, with subscribers in 32 countries, was initiated in 1994. The newsletter was superseded by the www.geosynthetica.net technical resource web site sponsored by the geosynthetics industry. The site has been visited by approximately 500,000 visitors each year.

Typical projects that Dr. Peggs has managed include failure analyses of geomembrane liners, geosynthetic clay liners, and plastic pipes; stress cracking and microstructure investigations of geomembrane seams; curing and microstructure investigations of fiberglass laminates; aging and degradation studies of polypropylene geotextiles; leak surveys on geomembranes under soil and waste cover; interface friction and surface texture/profile studies; failures in HDPE sheet liners on concrete walls; developing a manufacturing and fabrication QC program for PP geomembranes; and investigation of rapid crack propagation in HDPE geomembranes and more recently PP liners and floating covers. These projects have been conducted on liners in ponds, vaults, landfills, covers, seams, and filters for a variety of clients that include many utilities, international corporations, engineering consulting firms, hazardous waste firms, geomembrane manufacturers and installers, oil companies, mining companies, metals companies, marine surveyors, contractors, municipalities, insurance companies, and lawyers.

In 1996 Dr. Peggs organized the First US/Germany Geomembrane Workshop in Berlin, and a follow-up mini-workshop in Dallas in 2011.

In 2004 he partnered with TRI Environmental, Inc. to teach and certify others in the performance of liner integrity and leak location surveys. Well over 250 people have taken the course and over 20 have been certified.

In a nutshell, Dr. Peggs seeks new technologies applicable to geosynthetics lining systems, provides that technology as a service, teaches others how to use that technology, then looks forward to the next challenge

Affiliations and Committee Work

Dr. Peggs has been heavily involved in committee work relating to the geosynthetics industry and organizations committed to education and development of testing standards, such as:

International Geosynthetics Society

  • GeoAmericas Conferences
  • Geo MidEast Conferences
  • EuroGeo Conferences
  • GeoAfrica Conferences

North American Geosynthetics Society

  • Geosynthetics Conferences
  • GeoFrontiers Conferences

International Organization for Standardization

  • Working Group on Durability

American Society for Testing and Materials

  • Committee D35 on Geosynthetics
  • Symposium on Microstructure and the Performance of Geosynthetics
  • Workshop on Geosynthetics Forensic Analysis & Remediation, 1993
  • Workshop on Textured & Structured Geomembranes, Phoenix, 1995

National Sanitation Foundation

  • International Standard 54 Flexible Membrane Liners

International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures (RILEM)

Geosynthetics World magazine

Geosynthetics magazine

Society of Plastics Engineers

NICET Geosynthetic Materials Installation Certification Program

American College of Forensic Examiners, USA

International Association of Geosynthetic Installers

American Water Works Association

IFAI International Achievement Awards Judge 2001 – 2006.

Fabricated Geomembrane Institute

Publications and Presentations

IIn Dr. Peggs' 32 years of experience investigating and testing polymers, primarily geosynthetics, he has acquired a great deal of information concerning materials durability and how that characteristic corresponds to the success or failure of the application of a given material in its environment. Dr. Peggs shares this valuable information in his publications and presentations available at www.geosynthetic.com.



Geosynthetic materials performance consulting - active and recent I-CORP projects:

1. Natural potential leak location survey in narrow strip wetland with HDPE liner fastened with batten strip to metal sheet piling. The conventional applied potential technique could not be used. Ohio
2. Expert witness support for spray-on liner failure in wastewater treatment ponds. California
3. Expert witness support on delaminated geocomposite in landfill cap. California
4. With TRI, I-CORP formed T-CLIC, the TRI/I-CORP Liner Integrity Center, and have presented six liner integrity/leak location accreditation courses.
5. Failure analysis and expert witness on large diameter PVC-lined sewer pipe, Arizona
6. Failure analysis and expert witness on cast-in liners in concrete SX/EW mixer/settlers. Australia
7. Acoustic and electrical leak surveys on five 65 ft high 20 ft diameter PVC-lined water storage silos. New York
8. Failure analysis and expert witness on reservoir RPP floating covers. Nevada and California.
9. Acoustic and electrical leak surveys on RPP liner in underground concrete reservoir. Montana
10. Technical guidance for geonet and geogrid composites for surfacing large temporary car parks. Toronto and Chicago. Project won 2004 IFAI International Achievement Award.
11. Use of hook tapes for joining geotextiles and composites. South Carolina
12. Electrical integrity survey on HDPE-lined concrete basin anaerobic digesters with conductive geotextiles under the geomembrane. France and Idaho
13. Failure analysis (ice damage) and expert witness on deep irrigation pond HDPE liner. Idaho
14. Research on IR thermography for NDT measurement of geomembrane and roofing membrane seam bond strength. Rhode Island, Michigan, and USEPA.
15. Investigation of extent of geotextile intrusion into geonet under confining pressure. Maryland
16. Guidance on repairs/replacement of liners in evaporation ponds, reservoirs, and retention basins. Arizona
17. Guidance re liners in mine thickeners and clarifiers. Australia/South Pacific
18. Expert support re PP liner cracking. Australia
19. Technical support for new HDPE geomembrane manufacturer. Israel
20. Bituminous and HDPE geomembranes to contain expansive soils. Israel
21. Geocomposites to prevent jet blast erosion beside runways and taxiways. Canada
22. Chemical resistance of HDPE to aromatic hydrocarbons. Australia
23. Leak location survey in blistered Hypalon-lined ponds. Alabama
24. Expert witness and Investigation of failed HDPE liner in sewer tunnel. Texas
25. Support on durability of PVC liners and caps in landfill, NJ
26. Investigation and resolution of whales in WWTP liner. California
27. Leak location survey in complex liner of WWTP anaerobic digester. Idaho
28. Failure analysis and expert witness for failed PVC liner welds. NJ
29. Investigation of whales and their remediation in WWTP plant. Alabama, California, Alberta
30. Investigation of tear in anaerobic digester PVC alloy liner. Canada.
31. Technical support for liner design and installation in a very large reservoir. Ohio
32. Investigation of HDPE liner failure in 150 km copper slurry pipeline. Chile
33. Assessment of durability of HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane liner welds. Finland
34. Development of methods for NDT of installed studded concrete liners. Finland
35. Assessment of damage to HDPE geomembrane landfill cap under a building due to differential settlement. Massachusetts.
36. CQA integrity surveys on multiply-lined locomotive refueling platforms. Nebraska and Texas
37. Guidance on the performance of landfill liner integrity surveys. China.
38. Leak location surveys on PU/PP and RPP lined potable water tanks. New York and Anguilla (BWI).
39. Technical support on 1000 yr lifetime HDPE cap for bauxite waste. Australia
40. Investigation of whales in WWTP floating cover. Manitoba
41. Technical support for manufacturer making new PVC geomembrane. India
42. Liner design support for WWTP lagoon. Ontario/India.
43. Guidance on use of PP, HDPE, and bituminous liners in Arctic Tailings ponds. BC/Alaska.
44. Design, specification, and installation support for hydro reservoir liner. Costa Rica.

If we can help you with anything similar or, even better, to investigate new aspects of the performance of geosynthetic materials, please contact us.



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